Lost in translation?

The Rev. Ben Norton reflects on the importance of language and storytelling At times, it is only by exploring the questions – rather than seeking the right answers – that we can really begin to understand what God is doing. Earlier this year I spent 10 days in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The Episcopal ..

Building trust through personal sacrifice

The Kingdom of Heaven arrives on earth when people are willing to sacrifice for each other, act as servants to each other and trust each other. The diocesan campus ministers had a problem. New and old ministries had submitted grant requests totaling $62,000. We only had $43,000 to give away. When we came together in ..

A deacon’s view

A deacon’s view

Silent retreat opened path to deeper relationship with God I recently attended an eight-day individually guided silent retreat at the Jesuit Spirituality Center in Milford, Ohio, about 20 miles east of Cincinnati on U.S. Route 50. It was a life-changing experience. A typical day at this retreat consists of an optional morning prayer, usually a ..