Building trust through personal sacrifice

The Kingdom of Heaven arrives on earth when people are willing to sacrifice for each other, act as servants to each other and trust each other. The diocesan campus ministers had a problem. New and old ministries had submitted grant requests totaling $62,000. We only had $43,000 to give away. When we came together in ..

Campus Ministry grants available

Parishes, campus ministries, and extra-parish communities are invited to apply for campus ministry grants. Grant requests are due on June 15, and grants for the 2015-2016 school year will be rewarded by Aug. 1. Apply for a grant using our online form:

Song of Songs Excursion

Song of Songs Excursion

A strange, composite beast of an event Could we create a coherent event around the spirituality of relationship, using the Song of Songs as a key resource, and somehow make it clear that we weren’t trying to set up some kind of Episcopal dating service? The campus ministers in the diocese have been building a collaborative community for the ..

Campus ministry in an age of disruption

A 50-year-old member of a parish that is miles away from the nearest campus could easily be a student, and an exposure to new ideas might be changing her attitudes to church, the world that surrounds her and her sense of purpose in life In the beginning, campus ministries were unnecessary because every campus was a ministry. When people started ..