New plans for Safe Church training

Beth Mendez, Director of Children’s Formation and Family Ministries at Christ Church Cathedral, has assumed the role as coordinator of Safe Church training for the diocese.

The Safe Church training schedule for 2015-2016 will be out soon. In the interim, Safe Church training will be reorganizing how and when live (comprehensive) trainings will be presented. Please take a moment to read when and where live trainings will occur, who will need to receive live training and when they might need to be trained.

The new scheduling plan will divide the programming year into four quarters beginning in January 2016. The quarters will be as follows January-March (Qtr1), April-June (Qtr2), July-Sept (Qtr3), October-December (Qtr4). Due to winter weather there will be no trainings in Qtr 1. Qtr 2 and Qtr 3 will offer trainings regionally, and Qtr 4 will offer trainings at the Procter Center only. For any training session to occur, there must be at least eight people registered.

Now is a great time to begin assessing what your training needs will be in the upcoming year. The following persons will need to complete the live (comprehensive) training:

•All clergy who engage in ministry service
•All paid employees
•All voluntary church personnel whose work regularly takes children/youth throughout the facility and/or assists with children/youth programs who have keys, giving them access to the buildings and grounds
•All wardens
•All persons who supervise or assist supervising children/youth, other than church school teachers, in ministries, programs, or activities more often than occasionally
•All duly appointed and licensed lay persons, whether as an employee or volunteer, who are authorized to provide ministry on behalf of the church

Please note that church school teachers need only complete the online training modules.

If you have any questions regarding Safe Church training, please contact Beth Mendez at