Spreading Christianity through the written word

The Church Periodical Club has been promoting the spread of Christianity through the written word (literacy) for nearly as long as our nation has existed

It may surprise you that donations may be collected and sent to the Church Periodical Club at any time during the year. Although CPC has not been actively promoted within the Diocese of Southern Ohio and its purpose as well as name has fallen from common recognition, the CPC has been promoting the spread of Christianity through the written word (literacy) for nearly as long as our nation has existed. The CPC is the third leg in a trio of affiliated ministries: United Thank Offering, Episcopal Relief & Development and CPC.

If your parish has a special date or event during the year, it could be commemorated with a donation to CPC. Thank you to all who participated in CPC Sunday in May. The funds gathered went to the National Books Fund, which provides grant money for persons 18 years of age and older for educational materials for adult education, seminaries, continuing education for clergy or parish leaders and libraries. Grant applications for the National Books Fund are available from the diocesan coordinator, Jane Nurse.

An equally important part of this ministry is the Mile of Pennies (MOP). The Mile Of Pennies Fund of the CPC is a national project sponsored by Episcopal dioceses. It was introduced in 1989 to meet the secular or religious book needs of children and youth, from pre-school to grade 12 (age 18). Any program that promotes education and knowledge for Sunday schools, church-sponsored schools and children’s libraries is eligible to apply for a grant through Mile of Pennies to assist in buying software, AV media, books and magazines.

One mile of pennies = $844.80

As we look to a new church school year to begin, we often look for a new way to involve our youth and children in day-to-day Christian service. Mile of Pennies is an easy way for church youth to get involved serving others every day of their lives. Each child saves or collects pennies and spare change and brings it to church school on a weekly basis. The pennies get dropped into a labeled container (a clean, labeled plastic juice bottle works well). Each month the youth count the collected coins and roll them. The first foot takes only 16 pennies! The goal for the Diocese of Southern Ohio is one mile of pennies, or $844.80.

$9 in pennies weighs five pounds!

Will you join me along the new journey toward our diocese’s first mile? It is as simple as a penny jar in each household and a juice bottle in every parish. Fun trivia fact: $9 in pennies weighs five pounds! So, don’t weigh your pocket or purse down; give to CPC through Mile of Pennies and help pave the road for children’s books.

Please do not send rolled or loose coins! Coins should be exchanged for a check from the participating parish, with reference to “Mile of Pennies” in the memo line. This check, made payable to Church Periodical Club, is then sent to the diocesan CPC coordinator where it will be recorded and sent on to CPC headquarters in New York. As with donations on CPC Sunday, donations throughout the year may be sent to the CPC diocesan coordinator, Jane Nurse, at 4319 Joan Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227-3304.

Jane Nurse serves as the diocesan coordinator for the Church Periodical Club. For a grant application or more information about CPC (NBF or MOP), contact her at 513.376.9349 or nursejo@cinci.rr.com.