Introducing the Near East House

A new intentional community forming on the Near East side of Columbus in July 2015 in collaboration with the Praxis Communities of the Diocese of Southern Ohio


•Individuals committed to living their lives intentionally with others.
•Individuals inspired to be part of a collaborative effort to form a new intentional community and excited by the potential of unfinished spaces in a large home.
•Individuals committed to lives of spiritual formation, open to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.
•Individuals interested in neighborhood focused social justice in collaboration with community members.
•Individuals committed to the slow, steady work of developing relationships and investing time, energy, finances and skills on the Near East Side.


•A home where residents commit themselves to and practice neighbor-love through living with others and purposefully being with and among neighbors.
•A place that attempts to combat the glorification of individualism so pervasive in American culture today.
•A place aware of its connectedness to history, others and the earth.
•A place where residents do everything in their power to encourage human flourishing, advocate for justice, promote peace, expand community, be inclusive, be hospitable and love.

The house has large shared community spaces including a studio, large attic, former corner store, garden and yard available for residents and neighbors alike to work and play within. Many of these spaces are unfinished, lending the development of each space to the creative energies of the residents and community members.


The house will open for residents beginning July 1. Individuals may be residents for varied amounts of time, but an initial commitment of at least nine months is expected. This is not a program year like Confluence or Brendan’s Crossing, but a home for adults in the midst of their careers, pursuing their education or discerning their future.


The house is located on the historic Near East side of Columbus. The house is centrally located in the neighborhood, within walking distance of Episcopal partner church St. Philip’s, the Eldon & Elsie Ward YMCA, the MLK Jr. branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, OSU East Hospital and Columbus East High School.


We believe in the transformative power of community, that our spirituality is best worked out with others, and that we are called to work for justice in neighborhoods overlooked by dominant societal structures. We need to move beyond our homogenized lives into relationship with those of different race, class, religion and gender in order to more fully understand ourselves, know how to call for justice and live into the radical inclusiveness of the gospel. We believe these relationships form best over shared lives and meals together. This house creates the space for that intentional connection.


The Near East House is truly an “Intentional Community,” forming around the principles of living simply and sustainably, sharing resources and being present. Residents share the cost of living in order to free one another to have time to invest in each other’s lives and the neighborhood. To this end, a minimum commitment of nine months is expected, and monthly Rent/Utilities/House Project Fund is $400, along with a deposit of $300. Contact Jed Dearing at or 614.327.4299 with any questions or to inquire about becoming a resident at the house.