Reviewing the Mission Share formula

Diocesan Council has established a mission share subcommittee to review the current mission share formula and propose a recommendation back to Council. Every five years the mission share formula is approved by the Convention. The current formula expires at the end of 2016. The task force will convene during the summer and fall of 2015 in order to have a recommendation for the 142nd convention in November.


James Bolden

According to James Bolden, chair of the mission share committee, the subcommittee is developing a survey to send out to parish administrators and finance committees to get their input on how the current formula is working.

The current formula is a proportional share formula that will apply equally to all congregations in the diocese. This share formula shall consist of equal proportions of a congregation’s Average Sunday Attendance (Page 2, Line 6 of the Parochial Report), Normal Operating Income (Page 3, Line A) and Operating Expenses (Page 3, Line E) and each factor will be divided by the total of the respective three factors for all congregations of the diocese. The resultant factor shall be the congregation’s Share Ratio for the following year’s Mission Share Rate. All congregations will be numbered from low to high by Share Ratio and the Mission Share.

If you are willing to serve on the subcommittee, please forward your name to David Robinson, staff liaison for the committee at Questions or issues related to the formula can also be referred to Robinson.

David Robinson serves as chief financial officer for the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Contact him at