Marketing and fundraising aim to make Procter strong for the future

By marketing all the amenities the center has to offer, a more stable funding can begin that can cycle back into Procter for greater opportunities.

For many of us, the Procter Center holds a special place in our hearts. Whether it was attending camp as a camper, dropping off a camper as a parent, spending a summer or more as a counselor or visiting as the venue for your wedding, it was a place where you were able to build relationships. Procter welcomes everyone and allows people from different backgrounds to come together and discover more about themselves while learning and building their faith.

For Procter to continue to create special memories for generations to come there needs to be a stronger financial foundation for the center to work from. That is where the newly formed Marketing and Fundraising Committee of the Procter Board of Directors comes in. Headed by Procter Board member Susan Sheridan Smith from Christ Church, Springfield, the committee has begun discussing best practices for marketing all that Procter has to offer and fundraising to support the center.

Smith is joined by seven other members: Trish Simonton, the Rev. Judi Wiley, Matthew Stone, Jon Boss, John Link, the Rev. Craig Foster and Kelcie Webster. This enthusiastic team is already making great strides to create and implement a plan that will have a positive effect on the future of Procter. We want Procter to be seen for all the opportunities that can be had at the center.

For many throughout the diocese, Procter is camp – whether grade level or family – a place where the young and young at heart come to discover themselves and explore more about their faith. As a past camper and counselor I know just how important this aspect of Procter is. In less than a week’s time you gain so much from the people and the environment around you and leave with an impact on your life that you will never forget. The Marketing and Fundraising Committee knows this and wants to keep that impact happening for all who visit Procter. By marketing all the amenities the center has to offer, a more stable funding can begin that can then cycle back into Procter for further and greater opportunities.

We are starting fresh by really looking into all amenities the center can provide, from having its own garden, to the number of bedrooms, the meeting spaces, the location and of course, the aesthetics. During the off-camp season the center is used for various events and meetings, however there is still opportunity to expand past the current audience. Working with interim director Craig Foster, we are taking a detailed look not only at the current scenario but also at future plans so that we may properly present Procter for everything it can be.

In the next couples of months, be on the lookout for a new version of the Procter Center website, new videos, a stronger social media presence and an opportunity to join a really fun social group. Until then, we appreciate everyone’s support. We are all really excited to work and see what the future holds for Procter Center!

Former summer camp counselor Kelcie Webster attends St. Mark’s, Dayton, and serves on the Procter Marketing and Fundraising Committee.

Other Procter Center board action

At its March 21 meeting, the board extended the contract of interim director Craig Foster to June 30, 2016. This will allow the board to have additional time to define the skills and experience expected of the Executive Director. An added benefit will be the advantage from Foster’s day-to-day on-site experience at Procter Center as the board develops its goals for the next three to five years. The board also set a goal of achieving a significant increase in the percentage of room occupancy, meetings and meals served by no later than the year ending Dec. 31, 2016. The board is determining the exact increase expected and will track the results on a monthly basis.