Gentle worship services

Sunday morning church can be challenging for the differently-abled or someone with a special need. We may have someone in our lives for whom traditional worship has become next to impossble. Perhaps they have a child with autism or a spouse with Alzheimer’s. Perhaps they are a caregiver or someone who feels called to embrace with Christ’s love someone who is different.

Gentle Worship is a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at St. Mark’s, Columbus, for families with individuals who are challenged by special needs and those who would like to be in support of them. The casual, 30-minute service is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the choir area of the main Sanctuary. Words are projected on a screen, and the Canterbury Choir (children’s choir) joins the liturgy for the first portion of the service. Music is softer, and incorporates the beautiful Hymn 482: “Lord of All Hopefulness, Lord of All Joy”. Holy Communion is brought to people in their seats, and a special blessing is offered for those who are not able to receive.

For more information about Gentle Worship, visit http://st-marks-columbus.diosohio. org/Worship/gentle-liturgy.html

Paul St. Germain serves as rector of St. Mark’s, Columbus. Contact him at