Diocesan Budget 2016

The Budget Committee requests your input in the process of allocating our financial resources for 2016

Each year the Budget Committee, a committee of Diocesan Council, is tasked with developing the operations budget for the diocese. The committee looks at the revenues and expenses of all cost centers, and prepares a balanced budget that it then sends to Diocesan Council. The Budget Committee uses the mission priorities as approved by council as a guideline for determining the budget priorities of the diocese. This is the fourth year following this basic premise.

The Budget Committee requests your input in the process of allocating our financial resources for 2016. A budget questionnaire has been developed to evaluate budget requests in line with the mission priorities.

Those requesting funds to operate ministries in the diocese should view your ministry through the lens of the common ministry statement and mission priorities. Then outline in the application the financial resources you will need in 2016. Please consider how your ministry could change over time and where we can best focus resources to meet our needs and the needs of others. Be open to the possibility that there may be better ways to pursue a ministry, or that it may be better pursued by others. Our goal is to be faithful stewards and not to continue existing programs that may not be aligned with the mission priorities.

The application has new questions added this year. One addition requests specific data related to your use of the Procter Center. The Procter Center board is considering amending its fee structure. The estimated number of meals, lodging days and meeting rooms usage will be needed in the application.

A Budget Request Form can be downloaded from the diocesan website (www.diosohio.org) to assist you in the budgeting process. Please send your Budget Request form to: The Diocese of Southern Ohio, ATTN: Budget Committee, 412 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, or email to the Diocesan Finance Officer, David B. Robinson, at DRobinson@Diosohio.org no later than April 15.

You are encouraged to fully participate in the budgeting process. Please submit requests you feel are in line with the mission priorities. Several years ago we voted during the dot exercises and decided the mission priorities of the diocese. Now it is time to live out the mission priorities and appropriately fund those ministries by way of this budget process.


The budget for 2016 will be developed using the following process:

December 2014
Budget Committee develops a budget calendar for the upcoming year and finalizes budget application

January 2015
Mission strategy teams meet as a whole to discuss the prior work competed by each team and update the one page diocesan strategic plan.

February 2015
Diocesan Council approves mission strategies by which budget applications will be evaluated.

March 2015
Announce that budget applications are available on the diocesan website

April 2015
April 15 last day to submit budgets for 2016 Mission strategy team leaders meet to evaluate budget applications Budget committee to receive budget assignments and meet with MS team leaders

June 2015
Budget Committee continues its work of contacting applicants and reviewing budget requests

July 2015
Diocesan Council hears preliminary report from budget committee chair

August 2015
Announcement of preliminary budget allocations goes out to budget administrators (applicants)

September 2015
Budget Committee chair presents budget and resolution to Diocesan Council

November 2015
Budget Committee chair or First Vicepresident of Council presents budget to Diocesan Convention

 Nadya Richardson serves as chair of the diocesan Budget Committee.