“It takes a church”

Approach to sponsorship for El Hogar students in Honduras

My hope is that these children grow up and change Honduras for the better

Suzanne Berger

Johana Poster Full Size V2.pages

Calvary, Clifton, decided on a one-child for-all sponsorship program at El Hogar. All energies and financial support will go towards the education of Johana until she completes her high school degree. Bookmarks and posters, like this, are evident everywhere at the church, to support their mission to help Johana and demonstrate yet another way to help the children of El Hogar in Honduras.

My first trip to El Hogar was in 2003. While excited to go, I was nervous as to what I would experience. I thought I would be crying most of the time. Upon arrival however all my fears disappeared and I spent my time laughing. I was so impressed by the love, support and education the children received. Truly full of joy describes the children, as well as the campuses that house them. The experience forever changed me.

When I was told my congregation was going to be sponsoring a child from El Hogar, I was overjoyed. It was acknowledgement from the congregation and the church leadership affirming the mission of El Hogar and impacting the life of a child.

Johana was introduced as the newest member of our congregation. Her picture and story were placed on bookmarks and given to the congregation. The Sunday school children have written her letters and drawn pictures for her. She is named during the Prayers of the People every Sunday.

I am reminded of the impact of this sponsorship given the recent border issues. According to the US Customs and Immigration website (http://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/ stats/southwest-border-unaccompanied-children), over 18,244 unaccompanied Honduran minors crossed the border into the United States during fiscal year 2014. These children come to escape the poverty and violence that surround them. They come to escape a country that has the highest murder rate in the world.

While we are not able to change the situation for the whole country of Honduras, we are impacting the life of one child living there. We are supporting the mission of a small group of committed people to raise a new generation of children in Honduras. My hope is that these children grow up and change Honduras for the better. For now, I know that Johana is thriving thanks to El Hogar. I look forward to meeting her on our next mission trip. And I am proud to be part of the congregation supporting Johana and El Hogar in this ongoing ministry.

Suzanne Berger is a member of Calvary, Clifton.