Connecting in Butler County

Family Promise of Butler County is currently in the process of forming an Interfaith Hospitality Network specifically to provide temporary housing to homeless children and their families within the county.

There are many steps and needs to be filled before we can open our doors. One of the most important steps is recruiting churches to host families for one week, once a quarter. We need a minimum of 13 churches on board before we can open our doors. Our goal is to have 20 churches committed to hosting before we open.

Some basic information about the program: There will be a maximum of 14 people in the program at once. There is a zero tolerance of drug or alcohol use or any convictions of a violent nature. There will be a day center where guests will stay during the day if they do not have jobs or school. A 15-passenger van has already been donated to the program.

There is a short video and a presentation that can be shared with your entire congregation, vestry or outreach committee, or any other interested groups. If you have further questions, or want to schedule a presentation please contact Amy Dohn Baird at 513.465.4929 or The sooner your congregation gets on board, the sooner we can get homeless children and their families off the streets and into permanent housing.