How clean is your building?

Every week, very capable sextons and volunteers clean our churches. But how clean are they? Bacteria, virus, fungus and mildew are often left behind after dusting or topical cleaning.

Property Manager Bob Penders

Property Manager
Bob Penders

Diocesan property manager Bob Penders recommends surfaces be cleaned with a quaternary cleaning product that you use during your regular cleaning routine. A quaternary product, when left on the surface being cleaned for about five minutes, will eliminate virtually all of the above contaminants.

Penders conducts risk management assessments for the Church Insurance Company (CPG). In these risk assessments he has shared his three decades of building maintenance experience with church leadership. One small change could bring big benefits to the life, health and well being of the church building and its congregants.

A specific product is not being endorsed but any product that has the ability to remove bacteria, fungus, viruses and mildew would be preferable. Contact time is very important when using these products. It is best to apply and let the product sit for five minutes before wiping clean.

For more information, contact Penders at or by phone at 513.568.1589.


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