Procter Garden keeps on giving!

Whatever happened to all the vegetables?

The Procter Garden

The Procter Garden

You may know that Procter’s former farm manager, Rebekah Zimmerer, left Procter this past summer to pursue her masters degree. Unfortunately, we were not properly staffed at the time to complete our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, so all our subscribers were given a prorated refund and the program terminated. We appreciate the understanding and support of our customers through this time of change.

So you may be wondering what happened to all the yummy vegetables from the Procter Garden. We are happy to report that we continue to use them in our kitchen and were able to donate thousands of pounds of produce to food banks in the local area and to Gabriel’s Place in Cincinnati.

• More than 1,100 pounds of fresh veggies went to food banks in London and Xenia.
• More than 1,500 pounds was harvested for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, which serves the Central Ohio area.
• Gabriel’s Place harvested six pickup loads of produce to support a fundraiser, netting $ 1,300 to support their programs.
• Through the whole season, approximately 3,000 pounds of fresh produce was used for the great meals from our kitchen. Thank you to Food Coordinator Susie Lindig for her enthusiastic use of this resource!

You may also be wondering what is to become of the Procter Garden. It is our mission to continue growing fresh produce for use in the Procter kitchen and beyond while providing a learning environment for the diocese and the local community. We will be hiring a new Farm Manager before next season and ask your prayers as we begin that selection process.


A note from the interim director

I started my time as Interim Director at Procter Center in mid-September and continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm about the Center from our guests and the staff. I am realizing once again what a wonderful resource and legacy we have here south of London and how beautiful a location our diocese has for a camp and conference center. As the new Procter Board is formed and proceeds with supporting on-going operation and hiring of a permanent director, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. We want everyone’s experience at Procter to be spirit-filled and fun, so we look forward to hearing from you.
The Rev. Craig Foster