Quest: Faith-deepening opportunity

Second course offered by new Cathedral Academy

Are you questioning your faith and your beliefs? Are you curious about baptism? Do you yearn to go more deeply in faith? Do you desire to reaffirm your commitment to faith? Quest, the second course offered by Christ Church Cathedral’s new Cathedral Academy, is designed to help you find answers.

The Cathedral Academy is a continuing education program modeled on the university semester system with prayer and a meal built in to foster community. Scheduled on Wednesday evenings, one course is offered in the fall; the other runs through the winter and spring. Other shorter courses are offered at other times.

This academy course is an opportunity for diocesan members and those from the larger community to deepen their spirituality and expand their faith. In particular, it is for those looking to be baptized or confirmed or wanting to learn more about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

“Quest is also for those who have never been part of a church, those who are returning to church after a long absence, or those who have belonged to another faith tradition,” says Canon Manoj Zacharia, the cathedral’s sub-dean. “It is the heart of our formation process for adults, an exploration of what it means to be a Christian in the Episcopal Church and part of the great Anglican tradition.”

Quest will begin on January 14 and run through March 25. (There will not be a class on February 18.) The course is offered free of charge, but registration is required. For more information and to register, contact Kathy Noe at 513.842.2051 or


6:05 pm Evening Worship
6:30 pm Supper
7:05 pm Quest
8:15 pm Compline