Safe Church training: More accessible to more people

With over 21 different sessions held this year, as well as the availability of Safeguarding Online , the training the diocese provides is accessible to even more people than ever before. Remember, Sunday School Teachers and advisors/mentors – those who occasionally work with children (who are not paid nor are supervisors) can complete the basic training needed online from the comfort of their own computer (you do not need to complete all the modules in one sitting).

We also have identified key training sites that are accessible to given regions throughout the diocese for regular live training sessions and all materials were updated in 2012. The result is that congregations need not worry about when or if a training will be scheduled – visit either the diocesan calendar or the website and see all the trainings for the year.

As we wind down 2014, we still have one training session available to you:

November 1 9am-3pm, Church of Our Savior, Cincinnati

The training “season” for 2015 begins in early spring when the weather cooperates and we look forward to another full schedule of trainings that will be offered at designated training sites around the diocese, including once again at Procter Center. The 2015 schedule will appear in a future edition of Connections  as well as on the diocesan website.

The Rev. Darren Elin serves as rector of St. Thomas, Terrace Park, and as Safe Church training coordinator for the Diocese of Southern Ohio.