Emergency relief for facilities

In 1922, the Church Foundation of the Diocese of Southern Ohio was created to hold title to property owned by the diocese. Since that time the duties of the Church Foundation have expanded beyond simply the passive holding of titles to several properties in the diocese.

As congregations close and church buildings are vacated the Church Foundation has become more involved in the maintenance and upkeep of church buildings under their purview. Many years ago the diocesan bishop also saw that churches were struggling to maintain their church facilities. Using William Cooper Procter funds (criteria 3), the then-bishop began setting aside funds to assist churches with emergency facility needs. The Church Foundation became the organization charged with granting this emergency relief.

Over the years the Church Foundation has created a process by which financial resources can be requested. The grant application can be found on the diocesan website. One recent addition to the grant application is the requirement that churches be in compliance with the Bishop’s 2012 letter requesting all congregation supply the Church Foundation with copies of specific documents such as titles, deeds, easements and emergency contact numbers.

Grant applications can be filed online or mailed to the diocesan Financial Officer who serves as corporate secretary to the Church Foundation. One complete copy of the application is kept in the congregation’s file. The Church Foundation shall review the application as necessary in order to satisfy itself that the proposed application meets the guidelines and policies for a grant or financing option from the Wells Fund.

Questions related to the Church Foundation and the grant application process can be sent to David Robinson, chief financial officer, at DRobinson@diosohio.org or at 513.421.0311.