Bible Odyssey a free, reliable information source

Where can Adult Education leaders, Sunday School teachers and ordinary members of the church go to learn about the Bible: its people, its places and its passages? How can they know that their source is reliable, up-to-date and designed for intelligent, discerning people; the product of the best in contemporary scholarship? And – often an important factor – where can they get that information for free?

Bible Odyssey ( is a new resource released this summer that will provide all that and more. It is the creation of the Society of Biblical Literature, the world’s oldest and largest association of biblical scholars, and was developed over the last decade with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Bible Odyssey organizes a wealth of material under the three categories of “People,” “Places,” and “Passages.” It offers ready access to articles and artwork about many of the “People” who appear in the bible, together with many pertinent articles on various biblical books and related topics. It provides descriptions and photos of both familiar and unfamiliar “Places” from the biblical world, plus articles pertaining to the history, culture, languages, art, and archaeology of biblical people and lands. In its “Passages” section, some of the world’s top biblical experts explore many of the known and relatively unknown stories and other sections of the Bible, elucidating them in ways that enable them to come alive for the searcher. Finally, it offers a search function that can take the inquirer to an abundance of interesting, articles, photos, works of art, etc., to help round-out an overall portrait of the scriptures.

Bible Odyssey is designed in such a way that it will continue to be updated by those who are directly engaged in the constantly changing world of biblical research to ensure that it provides everyone with the most current and reliable information available, all in an easily understandable and very user-friendly format.

Mike Kreutzer serves as rector of St. Mark’s, Riverside.